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These testimonies have been published with permission from the parents and families who have enrolled their children at Little Bits of Heaven Preschool.

"My son's speaking and language skills have improved so much in a few short months.  What a difference!"

"Thank you!  I love seeing my son excited to get in the car and wanting to be at school."

"It's comforting knowing my child is in a loving, secure and nurturing environment."

"I absolutely recommend this preschool.  It is a wonderful environment and my daughter loves to go to school everyday!"

"We highly recommend Little Bits of Heaven because it is a Christian school and it helps bring children up in the fear of the Lord.  They sure learn their Bible!"

"My child has learned her letters and is writing her name on her own.  She also has improved her willingness to take turns at things and sharing her toys!"

"My husband and I could not be more pleased!"

"My child get's treated like family!  They are always so concerned and it feels comforting to leave my child with people like that as a first time student."

"The environment is small and family-oriented, also the lessons are great and they seem fun!"

"Safe and fun environment where biblical truths are taught as well as general academics."

"The school projects are very nice and related to what they're learning.  I enjoy the Bible verses!"

"It's a safe and a loving environment for my child.  Little Bits of Heaven goes beyond academically."

"I am pleased with the smaller class size.  I know my son is always well supervised and will get any attention required by Mrs. Flores."

"There's been a lot of changes in my child's life: improving his learning and character."

"Little Bits of Heaven is a nice place for kids to grow; teachers are nice and polite.  It's a warm and loving environment and it's very organized."

"Many things have improved in my child for the better!  The way my child now shares, he has learned so much and has grown up!  His character has matured because of this school.  Most of all: my child loves school and that makes me happy!"

"My child just turned 4 and she's already writing her name.  Her love for learning has grown and is a great listener; all thanks to Little Bits of Heaven.  Her Bible verse memorization is amazing!"

"My child is maturing, learning to play and learn with others.  He KNOWS who Jesus is and what He did for us!"

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