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Little Bits of Heaven Preschool utilizes one of the best Christian curriculums in America.  In addition to the supplemental materials and years of experience as educators, children receive a comprehensive preschool education that will help them move ahead as early childhood students.

Report Cards

Reports are sent home approximately every 9 weeks. Report cards are evaluations intended to summarize areas of developmental growth.  Areas evaluated include academic, behavioral, social, spiritual, physical, interpersonal, and more.  

Home-Based Preschool

Little Bits of Heaven Preschool is unique because it operates and is managed as a professional home-based preschool.  There are several advantages to a home-based setting.  A home setting offers children a familiar and welcoming environment which may assist them later when transitioning to a larger and institutional setting.  

A home-based setting also helps with maintaining a private and personalized education.  Communication is much more frequent and special requests, visits, and personalized occasions by parents can be easily accommodated.

Rest assured that quality is NOT sacrificed by operating as a home-based preschool (as testimonies from a multitude of parents will show).  On the contrary, quality is amplified!


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Christian Worldview

As a Christian Preschool, we take the time to ensure all components of teaching are traditional, conservative and family-centered.  It is also our pleasure and privilege to teach about the Bible and the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ.  



Maintaining a safe and nourishing environment for all children is extremely important to us.  The Bible, the curriculum, and our personal lives as Christian parents keep what's being taught at Little Bits of Heaven consistent and real.  We pray every day that we can be a good example for not only our students but for their parents.  We're all in this together!

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